Samba Virus Scanner (SVS)

Samba VFS plugin for transparent and parallel on-access virus scans

The SVS project on has been upgraded to their new platform. As a result, the SVN repository URL has changed!

Use this command to check out the code from now on:

svn checkout svn:// svs-code

Long time without updates, but the project is still alive and kicking :) .

There’s actually no major code update this time. But VFS API changes in Samba 3.6 urged us to make this release. Thanks to Marco Gatti for reporting the issue and Sebastien Caty for quickly providing the fix.

Download: SVS 0.1.4


SVS 0.1.3 released

Today we proudly announce the release of SVS 0.1.3! This version fixes a number of issues encountered by our users and introduces some major improvements.

The most important changes this time include (for details, please see change-log):

  • Correct handling of file names that contain non-ASCII / unicode characters
  • We took major efforts to overcome any potential race conditions or deadlocks
  • Signature names are now logged when virus infections are found

We would like to advice anyone using an older version of SVS to upgrade!

Download: SVS 0.1.3


A fix to cleanly support non-ASCII characters in file names (i. e. on systems using unicode character sets) has been committed to SVN recently, so if you have a need for this, we recommend to upgrade to the latest code. However, it’s a good idea for everyone, because using such characters in file names causes SVS not to scan those files…

A new (stable) version will thus likely be released soon, but there’s another open issue we have to track down and fix before we release the new version (a possible rare race condition / deadlock which is hard to reproduce) — stay tuned.

Update (December 10, 2010): we’ve just committed a few additional patches which should avoid the deadlocks. However, we’ll do a number of intensive tests before we officially release it.

SVS 0.1.2 released

Version 0.1.2 fixes remaining issues related to the use of special shell characters in file names. We strongly recommend to upgrade to SVS 0.1.2!

Download: SVS 0.1.2


Today we proudly announce the release of the first stable version: SVS 0.1.1 is finally out!

Download: SVS 0.1.1


Special thanks to Christian Felgemacher and Sebastien Caty for their kind support in testing early alpha & beta releases and discovering / reporting bugs!

This is the home of a new project called the Samba Virus Scanner (SVS) — a next generation Samba VFS plugin for transparent, parallel and (mostly) asychronous virus scans.

We’re in the final test-phase of the current release candidate version which should be production ready now. You can get it via SVN:

In short, use the command

$ svn co svs

to check out the code from SVN. Later updates can be done with

$ svn update

For more information see here and / or the included README file! There’s also a small FAQ.